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高中的英语学习,光记3500词是不够的,相关的重要词组也要一并记下来。今天,将高中英语重点词组汇总给大家,多刷几遍,记着它们,让周围同学和老师都另眼相看哦!Aa bit (of) 有一点, 一会儿a few 一些, 少量 a great deal 大量, 许多 a good/great many 大量, 许多 a kind of 一种, 一类 a little 一点, 少许 a lot of 许多, 大量 a number of 一些, 许多 a pair of 一双, 一副 a piece of 一块(张, 根, 片)above all 首先, 首要 according to 凭据, 根据 add up to 合计达……after all 究竟, 终究 after class 课后 again and again 重复地, 再三地 agree to do sth. 同意做某事 agree with sb. 同意某人的看法 ahead of 在……之前 all in all 总的来说, 总计 all kinds of 种种各样的 all over 随处, 广泛 all right 行,好吧, (病)好了 all the best 一切顺利, 万事如意 answer for 对……卖力 apart from 除去, 除了 arrive at (in) a place 到达某地 as a matter of fact 事实上, 其实 as a result (作为)效果 as...as... 像, 如同 as soon as 一……就……as far as (表现水平, 规模)就……而言as if 似乎, 好像 as long as 只要 as though 似乎, 好像 as usual 通常as well 也, 另有 as well as 除……之外(也) BBbelong to 属于be proud of 自满, 自豪 be strict with 对……严格要求 both...and... 两个都, 既…又…break away from 脱离……break down 损坏; (把化合物等) 剖析, (汽车)抛锚 break in 突入, 强行进入, 插嘴, 打断 break off 打断; 折断break out (战争、火灾等)突然发生, 发作 break up 剖析;破裂 bring in 引来, 引进, 吸收 bring on 引起, 使前进 bring up 教育, 造就, 提出, 吐逆 build up 逐步建设by accident 偶然 by air ( bus, train, ship ) 乘飞机(公共汽车, 火车, 汽船) by and by 不久以后, 逐渐地 by day 日间, 在白昼 by the way 顺便说 Ccall for 提倡, 招呼, 需要 call in 召来, 召集 call on 造访, 会见 call up 招呼, 打电话 care for 喜欢;照顾(病人) carry off 夺去, 获得 carry on 继续下去; 继续开展 carry out 开展, 执行 catch up with 遇上(或凌驾) change into 转换成, 把…...酿成 check in 报到, 挂号 check out 查明; 结账 clear up 整理, 收拾, (天气)放晴 come about 发生, 发生 come across (偶然)遇见(或发现)come back 回来, 想起来 come down 落, 下来 come from 出生(于), 来自 come in 进入, 进来 come off 从…脱离, 脱落 come on 来吧, 赶忙 come out 出来,(书)出书, 刊行 come to 共计, 到达 come true 变为现实, 成为事实 come up 上来, 上升, 抬头 come up with 追上, 遇上;想出(主意);找出(谜底) compare...to... 把......比作...... compare...with... 把…与...相比力congratulate...on 祝贺……connect to 毗连, 相连 connect with 与……相连 cut down 砍倒 cut off 切断 cut up 齐根割掉, 切碎 Dday and night 日日夜夜 do one's best 尽最大的努力 deal with 处置惩罚, 敷衍 depend on (upon) 依靠, 相信, 信赖 die out 消失, 死亡 different from 与……差别 divide up 分配 divide...into... 把……分成……do some cleaning (shopping) 做扫除(买工具) dozens of 几十 drop in 顺便走访(某人) due to 由于, 因为 Eeach other 相互 earn one's living 营生 either...or 或者……或者……enjoy oneself 过得愉快 even if 纵然, 只管 even though 纵然, 只管 ever since 自那时起直到现在 Fface to face 面临面 fall asleep 入睡 fall ill 患病, 病倒 far away 遥远的 far from 远离 feel like doing 想要做某事figure out 明白, 想明确 fill...with 用……填充 fill in 填充 find out 查明, 发现, 相识 first of all 首先 for ever 永远 for example 例如 for good 永远 from now on 从今以后, 以后 from then on 从那时起 from... to 从……到……from time to time 不时, 偶然 Gget along with 与……相处 get away 逃脱,脱离 get back 返回; 回来; 回家 get close (to) 靠近 get down 降下 get down to 开始认真(做某事) get in 进入, 收获, 到达 get off 脱下(衣服等);下车 get on 上车;过活 get on with sb. 与……相处 get through 通过, 拨通(电话) get together 聚会, 联欢 get up 起床 give away 分发 give back 送还;送回 give in 屈服, 让步 give out 分发 give up 放弃go ahead 走在前面, 领先;干吧, 干下去 go away 走开, 离去 go by 走过; 经由; 已往 go fishing (shopping, skating) (去)钓鱼(买工具, 溜冰) go for 主张 go for a walk 散步 go in for 到场, 喜欢 go off 走开, 爆炸 go on 继续 go on doing... 继续干某事, 不停地干某事 go on with 继续 go out 出去, 熄灭 go over 仔细检查, 温习 go through 浏览, 翻阅, 通过, 经受grow up 长大成人, 发展 Hhad better (do) 最好(做) hand in 上交; 交纳 hand out 分发 have a cold 患伤风 hang on (打电话时)不挂断, 等候片刻 hang up 挂断电话 have a gift for 对……有天赋 have a good time 玩得兴奋, 过得愉快 have classes 上课 have fun with 玩得兴奋 have got to 不得不;必须 have to 不得不;必须 hear of 听说, 知道 hear from 收到……的来信 help oneself to 请随便吃点 help sb. with sth.资助某人做某事 help...out 资助某人解决难题 hold on 等一等(别挂电话) hold one's breath 不出气,屏住呼吸 hold out 伸出, 坚持, 维持 hold up 阻挡, 使停顿 hundreds of 几百, 成百上千 hurry up 赶忙, 快点 Iin a hurry 慌忙, 很快地 in all 总之 in a word 简言之, 总之in common 配合, 共有 in debt 欠债 in danger 处在危险状态 in fact 事实上, 实际上 in front of 在……前面 in need of 需要, 缺少 in order 按顺序 in order that 为了 in order to 为了 in other words 换句话说 in peace 平静, 平静 in public 当众, 公然 in surprise 受惊, 惊讶 in the end 最后, 终于 in time 实时, 来得及 instead of 取代, 而不是 Jjoin in 到场, 加入 join up 团结起来, 联络起来 just now 现在, 适才 Kkeep back 隐瞒, 留下, 阻止 keep doing sth. 继续做某事 keep off 勿踏; 勿踩 keep on 继续(举行) keep one's word 守信 keep up 保持; 维持; 继续 knock at 敲 knock into sb. 撞上 Llaugh at 讽刺 lead to 导致, 通向 let in 让……进来, 放进 let out 放掉, 泄露 live on 以…为主食, 靠…为生 look after 照顾 look ahead 向前看, 展望未来 look down upon 看不起, 轻视 look for 寻找 look forward to 盼愿 look into 向…内里看去; 观察look out 留意, 当心 look through 看破, 浏览 look up 查找 lots of 许多, 大量 Mmake a face 做鬼脸, 做苦脸 make friends with 与……交朋侪make up 编造, 弥补, 息争, 化妆make up of 由……组成make up one's mind 下定刻意 millions of 成百万上千万, 数以百万计more or less 或多或少 Nneither...nor 既不……也不……next to 紧接着, 相邻, 次于 no doubt 无疑地 no longer 不再 not any more 不再 not at all 一点也不, 绝非 not only ... but also不仅…而且…not so...as 不像, 不如 not till/until 直到……才 now and then 不时, 偶然 now that 既然 Oof course 固然 on (the, an) average 平均, 按平均数盘算 on duty 值日, 值班 on foot 走路, 步行 on show 展出, 在上演(放映) on time 准时 on/over the radio 通过收音机 once again 再一次 once more 再一次 once upon a time 从前, 良久以前 one after another 一个接一个 open up 开启,开创,开发 or else 否则, 要否则 ought to 应该 out of breath 上气不接下气 out of order 运转不正常, 出毛病 out of work 失业 over and over again 重复, 多次重复 Ppass by 经由 pay attention to 注意 pay back 归还(乞贷等) pay for 付款 pay off 偿清(欠款等)persuade sb. to do 说服 pick out 选出 pick up 拾起, 捡起, 吸收,开车去接……point out 指出 point to 指向 prevent...from 防止 put away 储存 put down 记下 put off 推迟 put on 穿, 戴上, 上演 put on a performance 演出 put on weight 发福, 增加体重 put out 扑灭, 关熄 put up 挂起, 举起, 贴(广告等) put up with 忍受 Qrather than 而不, 非 refer to 提到, 涉及, 有关 regard... as 把……看作 ring back 回电话 ring off 挂断电话ring up 打电话给 right away 立刻, 马上 right now 立刻, 马上 run away 逃跑, 失控 run out of 用完Sstruggle against 同……作斗争 such as 例如 Uup and down 上下, 往返 used to sth. 习惯于 used to do sth. 已往经常 Wwait for 期待, 等候 wake up 醒来, 叫醒 work out 算出, 解决 worry about 担忧, 烦恼 wrap up 包好, 伪装 write down 写下, 记下 write to 写信给…...。